Results-based Search Engine Marketing, based on data-driven strategies

SEM is still one of, if not the, most powerful digital marketing strategies you can use to grow your business. SEM puts you in front of clients at the moment they are searching for your product or service, giving you the best possible chance of converting them into a customer.

With a huge number of businesses advertising on SEM platforms in even the most niche sectors, SEM becomes more and more competitive every day. This level of competition means that SEM campaigns need to be very carefully controlled to drive profitable, scalable results for your business.

FMD’s SEM team are highly-skilled at driving maximum return-on-investment from your SEM budget. By carefully controlling which keywords your ads appear on, and what you pay per click for each keyword/audience/intent, we can ensure that every last cent of your budget drives results for your business.


Enterprise experience

Our team has worked on Australia’s largest and most sophisticated SEM campaigns: Jetstar, Myer, Coles, Bunnings, and more.

We have extensive experience working with large, complex organisations to achieve the goals of multiple stakeholders and marketing teams.

We’re experts in working with big data using industry-leading tools like GA360, Adobe Analytics, SA360, Salesforce, Adobe Ad Cloud, Oracle Advertising, PowerBI, and Tableau.

Grow your small to medium business profitably through SEM

Growing small and medium businesses through SEM is where we’ve honed our most important SEM skill: profitably growing businesses with limited budgets, where every cent counts.

When you don’t have big budgets, it’s vital that every keyword, every bid, and every target audience are all carefully considered and controlled.

We know how to make SEM work for growing businesses, building up results through profitable, scalable growth in leads, customers, and sales.

Ready to improve your business results with SEM?